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Window Treatments For Doors

Open the door to light control and privacy possibilities

Sliding doors are a fantastic addition to any home, providing panoramic views and easy access to your outdoor living spaces. However, their large glass panes can let in excessive light, potentially causing harsh glares and privacy concerns.

Traditional window shades that operate top to bottom may not be the best fit for sliding doors that open and close side to side. A vertical application is the move — you’ll get privacy and light control without losing access.

French doors are a sophisticated option for brightening up your home with natural light. Their expansive frames and glass panels create a beautiful gateway to other rooms or serve as an entryway outside. However, if they face the exterior of your home, you may want privacy and light control. Because these doors swing open, finding a window treatment can be difficult, but we have options for French doors without losing the oh là là.

Below are a few of our recommendations for sliding and French doors.

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