Wood Blinds

Traditional Edge Traditional Edge

You’re a modern traditionalist, we get it. Our Wood Blinds come in colors that add up to an equally new equation: classic + contrast = drama. Works for traditional modernists, too.

Product Overview



  • Instantly invoke an heirloom aura with luxurious, gleaming wood.
  • Innately energy-friendly, our woods are chosen for their natural insulating properties.
  • Choose from the rough luxe of a wire-brush finish or the classic look of smooth-finish paints and stains.
  • Add two or three blinds beneath one continuous headrail and continue the style on wide or side-by-side windows.
  • Cordless options make for a timeless look and tangle-free operation. Safety + sophistication.
  • A decorative valance turns your window into a fine furnishing.
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beauty & brains

Solid or decorative woven tapes not only customize your blinds with a textural accent, but obscure those working bits for increased light control and privacy.

Paints & Stains

Warm Regards

Our rich spectrum of natural stains and painted finishes deliver an heirloom aura or lofty vibe. Choose from rich stains, paints, or wire-brushed finish, then add a woven decorative tape for the ultimate in bespoke blinds.

Filter Swatches By Color

36 swatches:
  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    012 - Winter White

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    013 - Snowflake

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    026 - Pure White

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    117 - New Oak

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    124 - Golden Oak

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    125 - Mahogany

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    133 - Rich Walnut

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    134 - Spice

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    282 - Milky White

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    283 - Traditional White

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    284 - Neuvo White

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    285 - Golden Pine

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    287 - Amber

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    288 - Sunset Pine

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    291 - Mesquite

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    293 - Rose Mahogany

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    295 - Dark Mocha

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    296 - Snow White

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    299 - English Walnut

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    300 - Sugar

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    301 - Lunar

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    315 - Eastern Cherry

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    316 - Barn Door

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    317 - Storm Cloud

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    318 - Stewart Pecan

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    319 - Provincial

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    320 - Chocolate

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    400 - Raven

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    401 - Ashen

  • W2 - 2" Smooth Finish

    402 - Gray Day

  • WBR - 2" Wired Brush

    800 - Sailcloth

  • WBR - 2" Wired Brush

    801 - Driftwood

  • WBR - 2" Wired Brush

    803 - Sand Dollar

  • WBR - 2" Wired Brush

    805 - Winter Surf

  • WBR - 2" Wired Brush

    806 - Ocean Mist

  • WBR - 2" Wired Brush

    807 - Boardwalk

Control Options

  • Beautiful form, beautiful function. Whether a safe system for children, a buttoned-up design detail or a hard-to-reach window, we have an innovative cordless solution for the job.



      Enjoy a new level of ease and control with our range of BLISS™ Automation systems. From the wirefree convenience of our rechargeable motors to the power of voice control operation, BLISS motorization is a solid solution for modern light control and design.
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    • Somfy®

      Experience the most options automation has to offer with Somfy automated window coverings. The advanced line of quiet motors cover any range of window sizes. Explore endless customization with designer control options, each compatible with a multitude of home automation systems.
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    • Cordless Lift

      Cordless shades lift and lower with ease, using just your fingertips. Cordless is considered a safe choice if you have small children or pets in your home.

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    • Cordless Lift & Lock

      Press a button on the aluminum bottomrail to lift and lower the blind. Release the button to lock the blind into place. Option is Certified Best for Kids on 2" blinds when ordered with the wand tilt option.

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    • wand tilt

      You can also opt for a wand tilt control to adjust your blinds open or closed with a simple twist.

    • tilt / lift cords

      Slats lift and lower with the pull of a lift cord. Slats tilt open and closed by pulling the tilt cord.

    • TWO-ON-ONE

      Keep large windows looking clean and uniform by putting two blinds on one continuous headrail. They look like one blind, but operate independently.

Design Options

    • standard decorative valance

      Our decorative valance, standard on all blinds, has a distinctive style that will complement any decor.

    • optional crescent valance

      You can also opt for the sleek, contemporary design of our Crescent valance.

    • optional modern valance

      Top off your blinds with the sleek, modern styling of our Modern valance.

    • optional forte valance

      Larger profile valance lends drama and makes a bolder statement at the window.

    • keystone

      Designed to cover splices in oversized valances or to use as a decorative accent.

    • tape valance

      Add a solid or decorative tape to the valance as a beautiful complement to your decor.


      Available in a variety of patterns and colors, decorative tapes help you add a personal accent to tie your windows in with the rest of your room. And, because they cover route holes, they block additional incoming light.


      Dramatically reduce light leaks - routeless slats are specially designed without standard route holes, where rays would normally seep through.

Maintenance & Warranty


Day-to-day smudge and dust have little power over our easy-care materials. A soft cloth or a blow dryer (cool, please!) will keep your blinds looking like new without super-hero effort.

Caring for Your Wood Blinds


We promise to stand by our product and will cover any defects in materials, mechanisms, workmanship or failure to operate properly.

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  • Child Safety - No Kidding

    We love your kids. (And pets.) So when it comes to safety, we take our role seriously, beyond design & operation to awareness & education. Tip: Go Cordless!

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