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BLISS™ Automation

A kitchen showcasing automated Sheer Shadings on the window and sliding door.
Hand controlling Roller Shades, in a living room, with the BLISS Automation App,

Key Features:

  • Whole-home automationEndless motor and power options further extend BLISS Automation’s already wide range of motorization features.

  • Security & privacy

    A reliable 2-way radio connection ensures real-time monitoring of the motor’s battery life and shade’s status – away or at home.

  • BLISS USB Bridge & Smart Hub

    Support seamless integration with third party automation systems like Control4 to allow for a well-connected smart home.

  • Say goodbye to batteries

    With state-of-the-art lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that can last up to 500 up/down cycles on a single charge.

  • Gain ultimate control

    Using features like timers and scenes each set to any need, at home or away using the BLISS Automation by Alta app.

Frequently Asked BLISS Questions

Maintenance & Warranty