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Dual Shades

Four motorized gray banded shades in a brightly lit living room.
Bright sun filled bathroom featuring motorized white banded shades.
Wide motorized banded shade in living room with brown tones and yellow artwork on the wall.
Gray motorized banded shades in a modern living room.
Three motorized banded shaded on tall windows in a bedroom.

Innovation meets artistry

A modern and versatile window treatment that will transform any room. Dual shades, also referred to as zebra shades or banded shades, combine solid and sheer linear bands to form a single shade that gives you precise light control. When aligned, solid bands seamlessly block natural light and ensure privacy; when shifted, the sheer bands transition to diffuse light and reveal the view.

Colors & Fabrics

Solid bands and lineal sheers unite for a gorgeous combination of colorful accents or neutral hues. From translucent styles that bring your space to life to room darkening shades that help put you to sleep — a perfect solution awaits.

Find Your Style


Maintenance & Warranty