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The Best Window Treatments for Your Bathroom

When deciding on new window treatments for a house, the bathrooms should never be overlooked. The bathroom is such an important space that is used every day. The addition of window treatments will require a signature style that is not only decorative, but functional. When customizing your windows in your bathroom, Alta is here to help! Read on to explore some bathroom window treatment ideas that will enhance the look of any bathroom.

You will be surprised by the difference window treatments will make to any bathroom space. It is important to keep in mind the size and location of your bathroom windows. This will help you determine if you want to downplay or emphasize them to make a small bathroom appear larger or control the light in the room.

It’s never been easier to customize and control your window coverings. There are so many colors and styles to make your windows look just right. The opening and closing of the window coverings might just be a “click” away. 

Benefits of Adding Window Treatments

There are so many benefits to adding window treatments to any room in the home. First and foremost, they will add privacy and security for you and your family. Another benefit is that the materials they are composed of are often environmentally friendly and energy-efficient at the same time. Most importantly, they are made to be child-safe too! This reduces the risk of accidental injury, making these the best window treatments for bathrooms.

Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas

When decorating and designing your home, don’t forget to add some extra style to your bathroom windows. Bathroom window treatments are more than just adding privacy to the most personal, private room in the house. If chosen right, the best window treatment for bathrooms can add beauty, function, and personality to the space like you could have never even imagined.  You can add an element of softness or a pop of color to an otherwise blank space. You spend a lot of time in this part of your home. Why not make it special and personal? 

There are so many choices of window coverings for your entire home, including the bathroom. From blinds, shades, shutters, and more, there are several new styles and colors to choose from to make your bathroom feel customized and private.

Top-Down/Bottom-Up honeycomb shades in a bathroom.

Where to Start

When choosing the best window treatments for bathrooms, there are some important points to keep in mind.

  • Durability – You want your window treatments to stand the test of time. 

  • Control the right amount of light – This is one of the primary purposes we think of when selecting window treatments. 

  • Provide privacy – And, of course, privacy is a key component of window treatments- especially when adding them to a private space like the bathroom. 

One more point to keep in mind is the bathroom is probably the most humid room in the home. Choosing the correct material and window treatments for your bathroom is important. Adding these details and finishing touches to this important space will make it feel more complete. Alta is here to help you design the best window treatment for the bathroom.

Best Window Treatment for Bathroom Options

The most popular window covering choice for a bathroom is usually blinds. They are long-lasting and moisture resistant. They will not warp, crack or harvest mildew. They will offer the privacy you desire while still filtering in the natural light necessary to keep your bathroom light and bright.

1 | Honeycomb/Cellular Shades

These shades are a great option for the bathroom as well. They are made from a moisture-blocking material and offer many color choices.  Honeycomb shades can provide high levels of energy efficiency, they can fit any window, and they are designed with several levels of light control in mind. These shades are cordless shades and offer the best of both worlds in lighting and privacy. You can pull the top down to let in natural light and keep the bottom part covered for privacy.  

Explore Honeycomb Shades.

2 | Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds offer the look of real wood, with the added benefit of vinyl. Constructed of durable engineered polymer material, faux wood blinds are moisture-resistant and energy-efficient. Our faux wood slats won’t crack, chip, or fade. Making them a great economical choice for any high-moisture space. Routless slats also dramatically reduce light leaks - designed to block rays from seeping through.

Explore Faux Wood Blinds.

3 | Shutters

If you prefer a strong classic look to your bathroom, try adding shutters. This gives a traditional and finished look to your windows. This chic design also makes perfect sense for any home. The shutters are made of a Polyresin material that will not crack or warp. Shutters come in several styles and colors. They are made to withstand the humidity and dampness of a bathroom. They can be opened fully to let in all the natural light or just slightly slanted to let in filtered light. They are also very easy to clean. Just wipe them down with a cloth.

Explore Custom Shutters.

Perfecting the Guest Bathroom

When decorating your guest bathroom, always pay attention to even the smallest details. There are always decorative hand towels and extra bars of soap and, of course, natural light. Guest bathrooms are a soothing space for family and friends away from the comfort of their own home.  But remember soothing doesn’t have to mean dull. It’s important that these bathroom spaces are updated but not overwhelming. You have the opportunity to make the bathroom as comfortable and sophisticated as a four-star hotel with the right window treatments.

Ready for Window Treatments?

Remember when deciding on new window treatments for the house, your bathrooms should never be overlooked. This important space can have its own signature style that is not only decorative, but functional. The best bathroom window treatments need to meet three important requirements: durability,  light control, and privacy. Keep in mind the benefits of taking advantage of the natural light, fresh air, and openness that a window provides. 

Check out the entire Alta selection of window treatment ideas today!

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